VANIYE is the home for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, French pastries, chocolates & macarons.

Baking Classes

Our baking class calendar has been released. The classes will take place in our new headquarters. Limited seats available.


Our small family patisserie is tucked away at 7 Windsor street, in Auckland’s Parnell.

Every morning, our cabinet is filled with fresh pastries and cakes that are also available to purchase here online.  Please note we can only deliver our cakes and desserts within Auckland as they need to remain chilled during courier.

Sonia & Laurent

Vaniyé Patisserie

1/7 Windsor St, Parnell, Auckland

Open Tuesday - Saturday, 8am - 3pm
Delivery Tuesday - Friday, 9am - 4pm

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Les Vergers Boiron's ambassador

Sonia Haumonté becomes Les Vergers Boiron's ambassador.

Les Vergers Boiron is world leader of high quality frozen fruit puree. Since is creation in 1945, the company has continued to innovate by developing a large range to support pastry chefs, cooks and bartenders.
Feel free to contact Sonia for advices. Les Vergers Boiron fruit solutions are distributed in New Zealand through Reso.

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