Les Vergers Boiron

Sonia Haumonté becomes Les Vergers Boiron's ambassador
"Her patisserie boutique, designed in an elegant and minimalist contemporary style, seeks, as she puts it, “to bring the sex appeal of modern French Patisseries from Paris to New Zealand!."

Birthday Cake Award

2021 Asia Pacific Business Award
"For the second time, VANIYE Patisserie has been awarded by APAC Insider and received the Asian Pacific Business Award for New Zealand Best Luxury Patisserie, and Culinary Excellence for Artisan Birthday cakes"

Country Calendar  

Vaniyé Patisserie featured in season 2020 of Country Calendar
Country Calendar is sharing the story of Moorpark & Mulberry orchard who are producing heritage fruits that are also used by our Vaniye Patisserie in Auckland

Le Cordon Bleu  

Pastry Chef and owner of award winning Vaniyé Patisserie
"Vaniye is designed in an elegant and minimalist contemporary style, seeks to bring the modern elegance and appeal of French Patisseries from Paris to New Zealand!"

Cake Shop Award

2020 Asia Pacific Business Award
"VANIYE Patisserie has been awarded by APAC Insider and received the Asian Pacific Business Award for Most Authentic Artisan Patisserie in New Zealand, and Culinary Excellence for Consistency and Quality"

Le Petit Journal  

Vaniyé Patisserie awarded Best French Patisserie in NZ
"This Public Choice's award, in partnership with Le Petit Journal Auckland and the French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, recognises Vaniye Patisserie as the best French Patisserie/Bakery which operates in New Zealand."

Top Review  

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AWant to learn to cook a satisfying recipe or just explore your culinary interests? No problem! We’ve listed the top schools for the best cooking classes in Auckland here. We rounded up the schools that have fantastic teachers as well as fun and enjoyable classes.

The Realness  

SOS Business was set up to help these local businesses
"Like everyone, we felt shocked and a bit helpless when it was announced that NZ would go into level 4 lockdown, and thought about the hundreds of cafés, small businesses etc who would suffer."

The Realness  

Discover the best independent restaurants, cafes and bars
"The Realness connects you with independent owners who care about the environmental and social impact of their business; who source their proteins from better welfare suppliers and remain independent from restrictive corporate partnerships and deals. The Realness is not just a platform; it’s a movement."

Auckland For Kids  

French style birthday celebration cakes are baked to order.
"Vaniyé was awarded the best French patisserie and cake shop in New Zealand in 2019. Gluten free, low in gluten, nut free and dairy free cakes options are available"

Top Review  

The 33 best food delivery services from Top Reviews
Are you looking for the perfect birthday cake without the hassle of picking it up on the day of the event? Well, you don’t have to stress over it anymore, as Vaniye offers cake deliveries around Auckland

Flower Delivery

Baked-to-order cakes
"All of Vaniye Patisserie’s cakes are baked to order. They are perfect for birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries, gifts, or simply for nice dessert at the end of family diner."


Denizen's ultimate guide to finding the best cake in Auckland
"Our favorite [cake] is the Noah from Vaniyé, a mixture of milk and dark chocolate mousse, fluffy chocolate sponge cake, praline, crunchy praline and blackcurrant coulis."


Zomato online food review
"Vaniyé Patisserie has been awarded Best French Patisserie in New Zealand through the 2019 French Business Award that is organised by the French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and Le Petit Journal."


Denizen's definitive guide to finding the most delicious pastries in town
"Vaniyé does one of the best chocolate croissants we have ever tried, comprising lots of layers with a high rise and a good amount of airiness between each."


5 Prettiest Easter Eggs in Auckland
"Vaniye is a French modern patisserie selling cakes, individual desserts, chocolates, croissants, baguettes, and cookies. The giant Easter eggs are perfect for sharing with the family, corporate lounge or just genuine chocoholics. They also have the classic favourite Marshmallow eggs."


TripAdvisor online food review
"You can't fault the French Vaniye Patisserie. Everything is so fresh and amazing! You really think you are in France. Its a must go-to for your desserts. Great coffee too. Wonderful friendly staff and service!"

NZ Herald

NZ Herald - Five of the best French cafes
"Recommended to us recently by New Zealand-born, French-based chef, Nick Honeyman, Vaniye is his go-to for croissants. Honeyman tells us the traditional, and probably most popular, pastry is hard to get right, but pastry chef Sonia is on the money."

Gather & Hunt

Vaniyé Masterclass: Verrine Tatin
"If you’ve been to Vaniyé then you know it is a study in perfection – each dessert is a masterpiece. The very thought of trying to recreate one of her recipes seemed preprosterous to me before the class. Now I feel slightly more confident."

The Food Show

Sonia Haumonté is the talent and owner behind Vaniyé Patisserie
"The minimalistic, contemporary Patisserie Vaniye is a space where one can enjoy elegant Parisian style treats. The Parnell patisserie was inspired by a passion for sensational flavours and a desire to continuously create new culinary experiences for dessert lovers.."

The Urban List

The Urban List - The verdict
"For pastries that look just as amazing on the plate as they taste in the mouth, look no further than Parnell’s Vaniye. Known for creating some of Auckland’s best and most beautiful pastries, Vaniye brings a feeling of Paris to the streets of Parnell."

Concreate Playground

In a dreamy realm of its own when it comes to fancy cake shops
"Visitors to this chic and understated establishment off the beaten path of the Parnell shops might well think they’ve walked straight into a high-end pâtisserie on the left bank of Paris. Shrouded in the hush of a luxury goods store but without the pretension, Pâtisserie Vaniyé is in a dreamy realm of its own when it comes to fancy cake shops."

Rachel Carley

Vaniyé Patisserie and Rachel Carley Ceramics
"The refined, modernist creations produced at Vaniye are displayed in serried ranks in an elegant glass cabinet. Like works of art, it is hard to choose a favourite, though they also make petit fours if you prefer more than one!"

Hadlow Girls

The place to go for exquisite French treats
"We think it’d be worth looking at their menus if you have an event or special occasion coming up, as they do orders for their petit fours, macarons, gateaux, tartes and desserts! All beautifully presented and bound to impress."

NZ Herald

NZ Herald - A taste of Paris in Auckland
"I have no words for their individual cakes. They are magnificent in every way. Detailed, beautiful and beyond delicious. Sonia and her staff make everything from scratch (including pureeing fruits for macarons) and they use only the best ingredients, including Valrhona chocolate."


Desserts cake shop patisserie
"When I die I want my funeral catered by this sweet patisserie ! It will be the fanciest funeral , where everyone will be talking about the beautiful cakes and the delicious coffee."

Monique Bradley

Monique Bradley visiting Vaniyé Patisserie
"Honestly, it’s a haven for those who love beautiful quality food. I’ve never had a pastry quite like it!! And to find out that there is not as much butter as I thought was even better!!!! This place is incredible"


Yuzu and a croissant with sonia laurent
"You wouldn't expect to find an authentic slice of Paris in a Parnell back street, but Cordon Bleu trained Sonia Haumonte and husband Laurent are slowly becoming one of Auckland's best loved secrets."

Annuaire de la Cuisine

Annuaire de la cuisine
"VANIYE Patisserie has been registered in the French directory l'Annuaire de la Cuisine"