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Sonia moved to Paris in 2003 and completely fell in love with the French and their way of living and eating. She trained at Le Cordon Bleu and she ended up staying seven years working in renowned establishments from small boutique patisserie to prestigious Michelin starred restaurants and Palace Hotel making beautiful desserts and pastries while enjoying the Parisian lifestyle with her husband, Laurent, who is also Vaniyé’s other creative half. 


Born to restaurateur parents, Sonia’s interest and passion in food started as a cheeky 5-year-old girl playing with dough and whatever she found in her mother’s kitchen. Her curious and playful personality remains, often still playing and experimenting in the kitchen in her free time. For this passionate chef, working is pure joy, where she can let her imagination and creativity run wild.

Sonia Haumonte | Cake shop head chef & co-owner
Laurent Haumonte | VCake shop co-owner Laurent

In addition to his corporate life, Laurent plays two key roles at Vaniyé Patisserie. He is the “Support Team” of the business as well as Vaniyé’s official taster, a role which many would like! Laurent, who was born in the East of France and lived in Paris for over 10 years, is a true critique and connoisseur of fine products. Some days he cannot help but to put his hands in the flour bowl and roll the baguette in his corporate suit before heading off to work!

Tradition and Craftsmanship

French dessert is an art and a craft, one that requires innovation, precision and creativity. The executions all done by hand and the many stages involved shows just how much passion and innovation goes into creating these edible works of art. Continuing this heritage, Sonia brings her own contemporary takes to the French classics, producing light subtle creations with influences from different cultures and cuisines from her time traveling and living in the different parts of the world.

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