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Products and services
Do you have a question about our products or services?
Email and we will do our best to reply within 24 hours. For urgent matter, you can call us on +64 (0)204 179 1296 but we cannot guarantee we will be able to pick up your call.

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Masterclass / Cooking class
Email for more information on the classes or to be on the waiting list. 

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Corporate clients
Email for enquiries on corporate gifts, orders or privatised corporate Masterclass.  Please specify “Corporate Service” in the subject line.

Wedding cakes | Celebration cakes | Customised cakes

Customised products for events
Email if you wish to discuss customised dessert buffets or themed desserts.  Please specify “Customised Events” in the subject line.

Vaniye Patisserie | Cake shop recruitment | Recruitment contact

Email with the position you would like to apply, your CV, and a short paragraph why you want to work with us. We will try to came back to you in week time.

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Press & media or collaborations
Email with your enquiries or propositions and Sonia will be in touch with you. Please specify “Press and media” or “Collaborations” in the subject line.