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Do you have a question about our products or services?
Email and our team will generally reply within 24 hours, or call us for urgent requests 020 4179 1296.

Contact - Masterclass

Masterclass / Cooking class
Email for more information on the classes or to be on the waiting list. 

Contact Corporate

Corporate clients
Email for enquiries on corporate gifts, orders or privatised corporate Masterclass.  Please specify “Corporate Service” in the subject line.

Contact - Celebration

Customised products for events
Email if you wish to discuss customised dessert buffets or themed desserts.  Please specify “Customised Events” in the subject line.

Contact - Media

Email with the position you would like to apply, your CV, and a short paragraph why you want to work with us. We will try to came back to you in week time. You can also to register Recruitment Newsletter to be notify for any new open position.

Contact - Media

Press & media or collaborations
Email with your enquiries or propositions and Sonia will be in touch with you. Please specify “Press and media” or “Collaborations” in the subject line.