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Fraisier birthday cake (NF)


PLEASE NOTE: The latest pick up date for this cake is the 22nd December. Unfortunately due to very high demand for strawberries for Christmas, our suppliers will not be able to guarantee strawberries after this date.
Our Fraisier bithday cake is a French traditional strawberry cake with vanilla mousseline cream, and covered with Italian soft meringue. 2 days lead time is needed for this cake as we go and pick the strawberries ourselves twice a week and need to ensure we have the right quantity of strawberries. Serves 5-8.
You may select as well a personalised chocolate message plaque (e.g. birthday message), or birthday sparkling candles.

Allergens: Nut free recipe (please note our production facility has tree nuts). Contains gluten and dairy products.

Storage: Store in the fridge. Consume within 2 days.

Delivery: Pick-up at our store, or Auckland delivery using a 30 to 45 minutes delivery service to maintain the chilled temperature of our cakes. Because of this, delivery fees are higher than ambient products.

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