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Father's Day Opera Cake (LG)


Please note that the Opera cake is only available for delivery Friday 3rd September, as we will be making this especially for Father's Day.  There won't be any other cakes available at this stage during level 4 Lockdown.  

The Opera cake is a well-known French Classic.  It is made of thin almond sponge layers soaked in coffee and rum syrup, coffee butter cream and dark chocolate ganache.  It is a rich and decadent cake, so a small piece goes a very long way. Serve 5-8 (or up to 12 for smaller coffee cuts)

Allergens: Very low gluten. Contains dairy products and tree nuts

Storage: Store in the fridge. Consume within 4 days.

Delivery:  Friday 3rd September only, just in time for Father's day on Sunday 5th September.  elivery using a 30 to 45 minutes delivery service to maintain the chilled temperature of our cakes. Because of this, delivery fees are higher than ambient products.

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