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04th Jul - Hands-on class
Cremes Brulées & Souflés


Date: Saturday 04th Jul, 11am - 2pm

Type of Masterclass: Hands-on baking class

Duration: 3:00 hours

Content: Cremes Brulées and Souflés

  • Learn the secret to making velvety smouth Cremes Brulées and light airy Souflés.
  • You will get to enjoy the Souflés straight out of the oven, and take home Creme Brulée each.

Location: Miele Experience Centre (8 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011)

Refund: No refund will be issued with less than 15 days notice. Your booking can be transferred to another person at any time, however, we need to be notified of the changes.

Cancellation: Please note that cooking classes won't proceed with less than 5 students. We will inform you 2 days prior to the class and issue a full refund or transfer you to another baking class in this situation.

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