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Weddings & Celebrations

A day to celebrate love and happiness. We are dedicated to creating an unforgettable occasion through our sweet creations. We will work with you to provide you and your guests with a memorable experience for that one truly special moment of your life.

Email us at with your wedding date, number of guests and venue, and we will organise an initial complimentary 15 minutes appointment with chef Sonia, who can propose a selection of choices for your celebration day, whether you opt for a grand multiple tiered cake, petits fours or dessert buffet option.

Cake Style And Flavours

We are specialised in luxurious French Style multiple layered cakes with sophisticated flavours and textures. We work primarily with chocolates, nuts and fruits and our chocolate based cakes are made with Valrhona chocolates. For this type of cake, we recommend that the cakes are displayed in a temperature controlled room. Please note that our wedding cakes are not the traditional solid sponge or fruit cakes with flavoured buttercream layers and icing fondant finish.